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Required documents Needed to File


Valid ID

Social Security Card

TY W2 or 1099 

Same documentation for spouse (if applicable)


Utility Bill or Lease (in your name) (if filing HOH)


For Dependents:

Social security card

Birth certificate

School or Childcare records 


Self-employment: YTD gross receipts, list of expenses with totals 

Business name and EIN (if applicable) 

List of references for service provided: Name, address, phone number or email 


Direct Deposit Info (Bank name, routing number and account number) 

Individual Tax Return Preparation


At Tax Works Elite we aim to acquire for our clients the maximum refund allowable. We use taxpayer information to assure that there are no credits or deductions missed and that each client is funded all they are eligible for. We provide professional and quality service as our preparers have spent precise hours in training and specialize in maximization while still adhering to all state and federal regulations. We also specialize in self-employment, advising and accommodating clients with the challenges of producing, processing, and securing documents required for proof of income throughout the year.

We offer this service with two (2) filing options: Electronic and Mail and two (2) funding options: Direct Deposit or Check

Electronic Filing most returns that have refundable credits attached are released AFTER February 15 and all others without refundable credits are released within 21 days of filing.

Mail in filing returns take an average six (6) weeks to process

Direct Deposit options: your PERSONAL account (whether bank or prepaid card), Prepaid Net Spend card (provided in office), or Walmart Direct2Cash 

Check options: In office check pick up or check mailed straight from IRS to your home (with appropriate prep fees paid up front

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Amended Tax Returns


Our approach in preparing your tax refund is to process everything at one time. However, sometimes that is just not possible. It could be that you forgot a W-2 was coming or a late W-2 came the previous year, no problem. We can provide you with an amendment (correct tax information) that could produce an additional refund or help in reducing a tax fee. You will only be required to provide those documents’ and we will service you for a minimal fee. You can amend your return within three (3) years from when you first filed your return.

Audit/Tax Notice Consultation

Audits (an official financial examination) can be complicating and confusing, so we provide our clients with the unique opportunity of having us assist in settling all audit types. If the IRS require a response on any matter, we will work with our client in determining the documentation required by the IRS to settle the dispute. We only ask as we HELP YOU that you also effectively do your part as well. Services are available as needed.

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Small business Consultation

Tax Works Elite preparers are ecstatic about the opportunity to help a client build a successful small business. We plan in hopes of setting our clients up for the best tax strategies to accommodate their business needs. We know becoming an entrepreneur is a process and we are here to assist from the beginning, obtaining federal and state documentation to the end, minimizing your tax liability. Consultations are available upon request.

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