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 About Us_ 

Tax Works Elite is an independently owned local based minority business with your best financial interest at heart. TWE was birthed through the predecessors of Tax Works and Tax Pros, which we are thankful and owe much gratitude. As we advance under our new name please know that you will receive an elevated experience of customer care along with transparent tax preparation services. As certified tax preparers, with over 20 years combined experience, we pride ourselves in providing nothing less than excellent tax preparation service. We offer a broad base of expertise in self-employment, IRS audits and guaranteeing the maximum refund allowed under IRS regulations. We even offer small business start-up guidance after tax season.

We as a team commit ourselves so that our clients will have the full tax experience that they have worked hard for and deserve. We work endless hours and days in hopes of fulfilling each individual need of every client.


Robin Garrett
(Certified Tax Preparer Consultant)

Offering over 20 years of tax experience with a background in Accounting and Management, Robin works endlessly each year to ensure every client receives the best tax experience possible per their situation. Becoming more efficient every year by undergoing vigorous training and staying up to date with current IRS changes through the yearly IRS forums, it is my deepest desire to ensure every client has a clear concise understanding of their tax situation and help in providing more than just a current year outcome but a lifetime journey in their financial needs.

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